Handmade dough TrueDough is a fundamentally new approach to the modeling process. A child isn’t just playing with dough which was bought in advance. A child is invited to make their own modeling dough using water and colored mix. If a child is mixing dough with a little parental support the process will take no more than 3 minutes.

Advantages of a colored handmade modeling dough TrueDough:

Full control over the exciting process of mixing of various bright colors; open information about the components; only food ingredients for child’s safety; patented technology.

1. Pour our the colored mix into the bowl
2. Fill the mesuring spoon with water (Important! Use one measuring spoon for one bag with colored mix)
3. Pour water out into the bowl with the dry mix

4. Stir the mix together with water
5. Knead the dough by hand
6. The smooth colored dough is ready!

When your modeling dough is ready, you can start creating masterpieces. TrueDough modeling dough is surprisingly elastic and easy to shape therefore creative process for a child will be fun and enjoyable!